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Our Expertise

Clients crave knowledge - we know your business and your customers!

Our clients trust us. Our methods and our services have enabled our partners to originate over 3 million credit card accounts. As the leading Digital Performance Marketing Agency in the financial segment, our mission is to listen, learn, integrate, implement and deliver superior results. Our clients are partners and our process guarantees results because our goals are aligned.

Our Solutions

We offer a comprehensive outsourced digital marketing platform for financial institutions. Our multichannel delivery of targeted advertising to targeted audiences generates quality accounts. Our performance analytics enable us to optimize any product by media source and digital channel.

Our History

Founded in January of 2006, iCommissions is a privately held company. Our team is made up of experienced digital marketing, technology and business development professionals. Our intimate approach to our partners enables us to take ownership of the process. Even though we are an outsourced agency our goal is to become an integral part of your business.

Our Methods

Your customers live online - we engage them where they live!

Comprehensive digital marketing platform for financial institutions. Consumers today are very mobile and they are receiving their information from multiple digital channels. Our knowledge about financial products coupled with our multichannel digital strategies delivers targeted messaging and results.


The most dynamic volume driver in digital media. We'll utilize custom crafted email, creative, content, and messages to create high open, click, and conversion rates. We engage consumers through highly targeted email publishers with CPA and CPM campaigns.

Social Media

Our social media team will identify the proper audiences and create content that will engage customer/user communities. We will deploy campaigns across social channels (from Facebook, Twitter, to Instagram) and generate new accounts within CPA goals.


The most relevant digital media method for consumers. We place cookies on your landing pages and continue advertising to individuals that have already shown interest in your product. We re-engage these consumer wherever they are on the web with creative and targeted display ads that generate extremely high conversions and ROI.

Affiliate Marketing

We manage placement within various affiliate networks, monitor data, mange commission payments, affiliate compliance and fraud. We aggressively solicit new affiliates/publishers in the proper verticals and continually develop high performing and compelling offers.

Media Buying

Display campaigns can be the most difficult to manage and budget. With our keen understanding of your product and your ideal consumer we will guide you to the right digital media opportunities in email, web, and mobile. Our performance analytics tools give detailed reporting on each and every media buy.

Search Marketing

We'll manage paid and organic search campaigns to improve rankings on all major search engines. Site content, links, meta data and structure all impact your search engine performance and enable consumers to find you more easily.

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Our Partners

Clients want real value - we take ownership of their goals!

Our clients are banks, credit unions, and finance companies. They have consumer credit products and want to generate new accounts online. Our focus for the past decade has been on providing these companies with a comprehensive digital solution and platform.


Our client relationships are built on a commitment to excellence and a mutual trust. Our staff focuses on fully engaging with our clients to understand how their product works. We absorb the details of each financial product and develop a marketing plan that will meet the goals and objectives for volume and quality.


Our creative team is extremely talented and continually works to produce original creative and content for all of our programs. Developing the brand and the image are crucial to the success of each offer. We understand the financial vertical and know what types of messages and images trigger responses from the consumer. Our teams maintain an aggressive schedule of redesigning web sites, banners, emails, and pop ups to keep brands fresh, appealing, and up to date.


Our brand managers rely on over a decade of experience in the financial vertical to design high functioning and converting digital applications. Our historical knowledge and data provide a roadmap for all of our projects. We have a business model and development process that will maximize every single click that we drive to the application. We will measure every possible metric so that we can evaluate, adjust, and improve.


Our technologists have created a full suite of tools to track and report all of our marketing efforts. The key to building a successful digital offer is understanding which creative, sources, and channels deliver the best combination of volume and quality. Once we know what works, we focus your marketing budget on these opportunities and maximize your ROI. We believe that data is king and we know that the answer to every problem or challenge resides in the numbers.

Our Services

Your company needs resources - we integrate and serve!

We want to be part of your team. We listen, learn, integrate, implement and deliver superior results. Our performance analytics tools and reports give us the ability to not only illustrate the history of a campaign but to predict the future. Our processes are proven and our results are real.

Product Development

We work with many clients before their products are even launched. Our team will consult and collaborate with the client to design and develop financial products from the ground up. The knowledge and experience we possess in the consumer financial segment is unparalleled.

Brand Management

You will be assigned a member of our team who will manage every aspect of your brand/products digital media strategy. We will maintain constant contact with you through scheduled weekly calls, daily emails and reports. Our staff becomes part of your team and we are available night and day.

Creative Design

Our creative team is capable of creating a product from scratch and helping to create a brand or enhancing existing brands. We will develop creative copy, ads, and applications that will communicate the products value and drive consumer response.

Web Development

Digital marketing relies on safe and sound websites and databases. Our team utilizes the latest software tools and databases from Microsoft. All of our technology resides on the Microsoft cloud and is fully redundant and secure to ensure the highest level of performance.


We are well aware of the vast number of regulations and laws that govern the financial sector. Possibly more than anything we do our knowledge of and experience with financial regulation makes us the clear choice and leader in financial digital media marketing. We aggressively monitor all digital campaigns, document and record our findings with semi-annual audits, and work with only the most reputable marketing channels and vendors.


Digital marketing is all about the data and understanding what is working and what is not. Every campaign we run will not be a homerun, but with our real-time reporting and constant monitoring of your statistics we will make timely decisions that will deliver the volume and quality you need.


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